Tesco Trip

This was a Tesco Trip that P6 went to learn about Branding,Fair-trade & the Rain-forest alliance.We had to find many items that have fair-trade or the Rain-forest alliance and we had to find out where they came from.

Dragon’s Den

Hi this our topic about dragon’s den! Scroll down to see all of the pictures that we took.

 We had lots of fun while we were doing this. So how about we told you what we did!

We made different groups and here is what each group did.

KRiSTMaDNess-Sock snowmen                                                                                                            Card craft-Reindeer & Star Cards                                                                                                Underbites-Many Different designs of crispy cakes.                                                                    TYI-Snowman biscuits                                                                                                                             Forever Creative Designed mugs and glasses.

So we hope you had fun looking at this article Bye!